We Sound Familiar 2019 Begins!

2nd March 2019

Better late than never, I return with fellow funny people and the remarkably talented Elliott Crossley and Peter Walsh for the brand new year of our WE SOUND FAMILIAR podcast.

For those unaware, Elliott, Pete and I perform as a trio doing comedy gigs at events (famously at Whooverville in Derby), and mid-2018 we launched a comedy podcast where we sit together, natter and use our many voices to make each other laugh. It’s been an exciting year so far, with a great audience, and we’re glad to be back.

We have bigger ambitions with the podcast this year, such as including guests, some videos and other excitingly humorous ideas!

Check out our first episode of 2019 where we discuss Liam Neeson, Chris’ Doctor Who appearance, and Ell’s bitterness towards a certain new podcast favourite. Out now:

Warning: Contains strong language.


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