Doctor Who Comic Strip Adaptations Vol. 1 - OUT MARCH!

2nd March 2019

It is with a child-like screeching that I happily announce that I am in a Doctor Who! 

Back in 2017, I was invited to be apart of a full-cast audio drama with the legendary Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker. It was an astonishing couple of days at the Audio Sorcery studios in Tunbridge Wells. Working with the likes of David Schaal, Sian Reeves, Bethan Dixon Bates, Ben Hunter and the new companion Rhianne Starbuck was an absolute delight. I have fond memories of us all sharing the train back to London after our final day together, nattering over different rows of seats like we were in the back of a school bus. Tom Baker was hilarious as to be expected, and I did make him laugh a few times, but hearing him say “Are you alright, Chris?” really was something. 

Director Nicholas Briggs and Jamie Anderson (Producer) are probably sick of the amount of times I thanked them for giving me this opportunity – especially after my pestering of wanting to do one over the years prior. Nick did turn to me during a break saying “See, I didn’t lie to you!” which gave me a smile. 

I play three speaking roles in the second story of the boxset, Doctor Who and the Star Beast dramatised by Alan Barnes. It follows two kids, Sharon and Fudge (played by Rhianne Starbuck and Ben Hunter respectfully), as they find the adorable alien creature, Beep the Meep, which is being hunted by the sinister-looking alien WrarthWarriors. I star as Wrarth Sergeant Zreeg, subordinate to Inspector Zogroth (David Schaal); as well as a UNIT Lieutenant and a Local Councillor.

The story is unlike any other I’ve read, listened to or seen before. It’s tremendously fun, exciting, thrilling and a true delight from start to finish. I am immensely proud to be apart of it, and it remains one of the highlights of my career. 

The Comic Strip Adaptations Volume One is out in March! For more information or to pre-order, please visit: 


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