Up A Tree: A Jobs & Plunkitt Galactic Adventure Audiobook - OUT NOW 

2nd March 2019

There are some auditions that you go for where you really hope they pick you – and this was one of them!

Up A Tree: A Jobs & Plunkitt Galactic Adventure arrived in my inbox last year, and upon reading the extract I was required to do, I was immediately invested in it. Michael Schulkins had written a humourous, Douglas-Adams-esque novel, and I auditioned with hope. I was pleased to then receive the contract.

Blurb from

Galactic senator Plunkitt and his faithful iBot butler Jobs warp to the overgrown hot-house Planet Tree, where even the hotel rooms are alive – and possibly trying to consume them. Until today, the termites sanitation union has kept the foliage at bay, but now Plunkitt has accidentally sparked a planet-wide strike, instantly making him the most hated being on Tree. Can Jobs hack through the jungle of sabotage, alien love triangles, and insider trading schemes, not to mention the aggressive undergrowth itself, in time to save his master from the clutches of the Devil’s Toilet Bowl? Only Jobs knows, and he finally tells all in Up a Tree.

Up A Tree is available NOW to purchase on Audible:


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